Propel Entrepreneurship

2016 PSI Cohort

PSI Cohort

Meet our second cohort.

1.  SixFive Interactive: Tyler Bryden and Alexander Brucki

SixFive Interactive is a full-service marketing agency that elevates branding and focuses on tangible results through analytic integration.  As growth hackers, the SixFive team quickly connects our clients with the right people to grow their business the way they want it.  

2.  Asset Direct of Canada Inc.: Adam Rice

Asset Direct is Canada's search engine for loans from private lenders. We provide Canadians with access to a number of credit alternatives, giving them the power to choose the type of loan and terms that best suit their needs.

3.  Booch Organic Kombucha: Shannon Kamins and Shawn Slade

Booch Organic Kombucha handcrafts authentically brewed kombucha tea in small batches under the close personal attention of our Brew Master and Owner Shannon Kamins. The focus in our microbrewery is on producing great tasting traditionally prepared kombucha using only 100% organic and wildcrafted ingredients for the communities of Ontario. We blend the latest in food safety science and modern day brewing technology to continually guarantee our brew is the highest quality probiotic rich kombucha available. At Booch we have a strong company culture that rests on our core values of health promotion, local organic food security, and environmentally sustainable business practices. These core values are embodied in every bottle of our kombucha which is evident in not only the love and care we take in our brewing process, but also our classic looking boston round amber bottle that we have chosen for our premium craft kombucha. #kombucha #getbooched #drink519 #ontario #followyourgut #boochlove

4.  Club EVOQ: Kishwar Hashemee

Club Evoq is a monthly subscription box that designs, curates, and delivers an ensemble of men's luxury accessories and apparel.

5.  Fill Spaces: Matt Ross and Amir Farahi

List, discover and book pop-up spaces for events and pop-up retail.

6.  GamerLink: Deion Farrington and Ryan Figueiredo

GamerLink is a platform for gamers to discover, connect, and engage with other gamers and streamers to get the best online gaming experience.

7.  Pascal Press: Alan Kalbfleisch

Pascal Press is a revolutionary coffee brewing product.  Utilizing pressure it delivers unrivalled taste housed in a durable yet stylish travel mug.

8.  Realtofy: Harry Liu

Realtofy is a SaaS software for realtors. With Realtofy, realtors can boost productivity and turn private seller leads into their clients.

9.  Vectra Heavy Haulers: Adam Gapinski

Vectra Heavy Haulers Inc is a transportation company that specializes in transporting oversize and overweight freight across North America.

10.  Wrist & Rye: Travis McKenna and Brennan de Langley

W&R prides itself on operating unconventionally and unapologetically in the pursuit of creative freedom. Bracelets are just the beginning.

11.  YourTech: Oisin ONeil

We provide affordable online and in person tech support and coaching. If we can't help you, it's free. 

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