Propel Entrepreneurship

Past PSI Workshops

Sales (Part I):  The Secret to Sales Success

This workshops breaks the sales process down into 10 easy steps that will help your startup generate leads, take control of the customer conversation and ultimately close more sales.

This workshop is led by Eric Janssen, an entrepreneur with a knack for building and scaling early-stage, high-growth technology companies.  Eric is currently the Chief Revenue Officer for Intellitix, the leading global provider of technology-driven solutions for festivals and live events.  Since 2011, Intellitix’s technology platform has enhanced over 20 million guest experiences at live events around the world including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Tomorrowland, Taste Food Festivals, The Ryder Cup, and many more.


Sales (Part II): The Foundation of all Businesses

This workshop provides an overview of how to establish your position in the market, determine your most profitable sales channels, execute and track sales activities, and exponentially grow your top line. 

This workshop is led by Jeff House who has over 10 years of sales experience in both business to business and business to consumer.  Jeff is a graduate of Western, Co-Founder of Cole and Parker Inc., and was featured in Forbes, Fortune, FastCompany and on CBC's Dragon's Den.  Jeff has been involved in over 40 million dollars of real estate transactions.  He is managing partner of a growing real estate portfolio of commercial and multifamily properties in south western Ontario and manages a Real Estate Lending fund on track to complete over $25 million in financing in 2016.


Creating Your SEO Strategy: Digital Marketing

Understand the factors that will drive more customers to your site and give you a better position than your competitors.

 This workshop is led by Larry Lau, partner and VP Strategy at Northern, a London- and Toronto-based award-winning eCommerce agency.  Larry works with well-known retail and manufacturing brands across North America. 

A true entrepreneur, he is also a partner and investor of other thriving startups including Pulp & Press Juice Company, Chainsync and Life Design Analysis. Over the years, Larry has shared his expertise by teaching digital marketing courses at both Fanshawe College and Western University.


Your Social Media Presence: Hashtag Grow

Having a social presence for your brand is an absolute necessity in today's landscape. This workshop will focus on how you can grow your social presence and acquire industry specific followers to engage with.


This workshop is led by Hashtag Grow founders Brad Smith and John Galbraith.  Brad and John also founded Zoned In App.  Zoned In is the world’s first real life video game to learn the fundamental path of extreme sports, starting with skateboarding.

Tour and Onboarding at 121 Studios:

121 Studios is a coworking and digital media production space located in the heart of downtown London, Ontario. Tour the 3000 square-foot facility and learn how to access resources and amenities for audio, video, photography, and programming.

An Entrepreneur's Story: E1 Transit

From designing t-shirts to launching a limo service based soley on electric cars; hear Gary Rodrigues and Han Yi from E1 Transit share their story as serial entrepreneurs (and recent Western Grads). 

An Entrepreneur's Story: Gary Manning

Hear Gary Manning share his wisdom and entrepreneurial story. Starting from his first venture at the age of twelve to his time at Diply, the fastest growing website in history.