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Propel has a growing population of retail / product based entrepreneurs who require a different level of service and opportunity to validate their market. As part of our efforts to serve this increasing demand, Propel has initiated the UCC Startup Market event.

Taking place over one-day each semester, the UCC Startup Market provides clients the opportunity to test and validate their market with a captive audience. Each vendor is responsible for implementing a visual merchandising and promotional strategy for the market. Vendors receive exposure to over 2000 student and staff members throughout the day.

The next UCC Startup Market will take place in November 2016.  Apply to be apart of the upcoming startup market.

In additional, Propel is currently piloting a partnership with the Western Bookstore, giving access for pre-approved retail startups to sell their products.  If the pilot is successful, this will provide yet another avenue for student and alumni entrepreneurs to sell on campus.