Propel Entrepreneurship

Retail Boot Camp

Looking to grow your retail business and advance your entrepreneurial skills? Propel's got you covered!

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, Propel will be hosting a half-day, intensive boot camp. The event will cover key areas of retail operations.  The tools are right in front of you. It's up to you to use them. Are you ready to take your retail business to the next level? 

A $15.00 refundable fee is required for registration. Once you attend the event, all fees will be returned.

Registration Opening Soon

Boot Camp Schedule

Session 1 - Inventory Management
This session will cover topics such as how to properly manage your products and how to ensure your stock stays replenished. 

Session 2 - Merchandizing and Wholesale
Learn more about Propel's partnership with Western Retail Services, and the opportunities available to sell your product in the Western bookstore.

The wholesale portion of this session will focus on understanding and having a handle on your supply chain, fostering on-time communication and follow-up, especially in the infancy of the vendor-store relationship, and understanding the scalability of your product if Western Retail Services opens their network to you.

The merchandizing portion will focus on how to tell your story to cut through the noise, how to work with the store to come up with the best way to display and sell your product, how to provide fixtures and props if possible, and how to provide brand ambassadors to present in store.

Session 3 - Strategic Use of Brand Ambassadors
This session will focus on how to use brand ambassadors to drive sales, how to manage brand ambassadors, and to manage awards for brand ambassadors. 

*Boot camp sessions subject to change.